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2022. 6. 5. · Add comment. Judo's moral code is a set of eight values and ethics, and was created by the sport's founder Jigoro Kano. All judoka should strive to uphold the code, both in.
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2018. 12. 21. · Circumstances could include USA Judo (and/or US Judo Association and US Judo Federation) Code of Conduct violations, penalties imposed by the U.S. Center for SafeSport, the United States Anti-Doping Agency and/or law enforcement. c. Same as “a.” d. As violations occur resulting in suspension by USA Judo, USJA and USJF. e.

Our ‘Code of Conduct’ is applicable to all participants of Top End Judo Academy. This includes: players, coaches, spectators and parents. •Always treat your training partners, coaches and team mates with respect. •Bullying in any form will not be tolerated. •Play by the rules at all times.
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  • SafeSport training & certification through the U.S. Center for SafeSport (USCSS) is now available. A number of us have been able to successfully take and complete the training ourselves. Using Enrollment Keys and Coupons. USJF Enrollment Key: FUSJF-042221. USJF Coupon Code: FUSJF18S1042721.
  • Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens through The American Judo System will help you learn judo. Learn judo throws, judo newaza, judo gripping, how to compete in judo, how to run a judo school and even strength & conditioning for judo. This is the only site you will need to develop your judo.
  • 2016. 6. 23. · 2015 International/National Season that I make the pledge set forth below to USA Judo. I and USA Judo acknowledge that I have a right to a hearing before being denied the opportunity to participate or if I am charged with a violation of this Code. I pledge to honor and uphold the spirit and intent of this Code of Conduct (Code), which offers a